Who we are
Kroxx Inc. was founded in 1982 as UNU Chemical Co., Ltd. and was initially a supplier of cyanoacrylate adhesives, epoxy resins, and other chemicals to leading Korean corporations.
In 1992 the company set up a factory for manufacturing superglue containers, which was followed by the introduction of self-filling and packing equipment. Ever since, the company has specialized in superglues and has enjoyed significant market share both at home and abroad.
In 2005 we developed a new range of high quality superglues in partnership with a Japanese corporation to launch the new superglue brand Kroxx. The company then changed its name to Kroxx Inc.

ludia-za-pocitacom-vacsiWhat we do
Kroxx Inc.’s steady and continuous research and development efforts have resulted in the production of a wide variety of cyanoacrylate-based adhesives . Kroxx Inc. now produces adhesives not only for home, office and industrial uses but also for a wide range of multi purpose uses specializing in pen and brush on cap type adhesives.
Kroxx Inc. entered the cosmetic field in 1990 by developing colorful fingernail glues. The company has since earned an excellent reputation as a quality supplier in the European and North American cosmetic industries.
In order to meet the divers needs of a vide variety of customers. Kroxx Inc. also offers private labeling as specified by customers. Kroxx will continue to invest heavily in improving current and creating new production technologies while sparing no effort to fully satisfy all valued customers with both better quality and competitively priced products.