Home and office
Kroxx Home & Office line of products are suitable for use with electronic instruments, stone sculpture, china, hardwood furniture, electronic toys, etc.

• Wide selection for various purposes.
• Sets in seconds
• Easy to use
• Bonds a wide variety of materials

Kroxx Industrial line of products offers an ever-expanding rang of industries adhesive products for a wide variety of applications: for use in electronics and Pcb to automotive designing, furniture, to the manufactories and construction fields.

•High performance &fast setting time
•Easy to use
•High tensile and shear strength
•Bonds hard to bond materials

Nail care
Kroxx nail glue repairs broken nails, seals silk wraps and attaches artificial nails to natural fingernails.

•Adheres to nails &nail tips in seconds.
•Quick setting and long lasting.
•Great for sealing silk wraps.

Kroxx Debonder helps to remove glue and removes cosmetic nails without damaging the natural nail.